Najib and Abdulfatah were both featured on the Fox 5 news segment "Whats Cooking?". On the show they cooked the Afghan dish, Chicken Curray on stage as well as fed the entire Fox 5 staff with freshly grilled kabobs. They loved the food and the Fox 5 studio was filled with a Food Corner aroma for hours. It was a fun and deliteful experience to watch Food Corner on Fox 5.


It wasn’t until I saw a tweet by @DupontCircleDC did I think to try Food Corner Kabob House, located at 2029 P Street, for lunch.  It’s a good thing I saw it, because Food Corner Kabob is the best new eatery I’ve been to in Dupont Circle.

“Had lunch at new Food Corner Kabob in Dupont Circle (P St between 20+21) and was blown away at how good it was” the tweet read.  Following the statement was the link to Food Corner Kabob’s Yelp page, where it was receiving stellar reviews.  READ MORE

"I went to the Food Corner Kabob for lunch, and ordered a Gyro. The first thing I noticed was that the restaurant does not skimp on the meat. There was about half a pound of beef and lamb, very tastefully seasoned, on the Gyro, as well as lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and a very good white sauce, which was..." READ MORE
"Charming, friendly, neighborly ambiance and service. Staff truly wants people to enjoy their meals. Abundant portions, e.g., huge/tasty gyro platter feeds you well and provides leftovers. Many great vegetable side or main dishes. Save room for dessert!"... READ MORE
Hidden behind all the construction and confusion off of Route 7 in Tyson's Corner is a small shopping center. Some of the anchors are Sports Authority, Home Goods and Pier 1, but hidden in the corner, somewhat unassuming, is a small kabob restaurant. The glass facade, somewhat decorated with neon and a display of hookah pipes, only provides an inkling of what there is to discover...READ MORE
Sure, you’ll see the familiar poster of the Kronos lady with the gyro, but make no mistake, Kabob House is affirmatively an Afghan restaurant and take-out joint. (The “Free Afghanistan” poster should put to rest any concerns that this is your run-of-the-mill Greek gyro outlet.) Taking over Pizzeria Paradiso former tiny second-floor space in Dupont Circle, the Northern Virginia-based chain recently opened up its first District location, bringing Afghan cuisine to the heart of the P Street strip... READ MORE
"The high-pitched Afghan rhythms from the stereo were louder and the lunch crowds thicker than usual inside the Food Corner Kabob restaurant yesterday in Annandale..." READ MORE


Tina R. - Annandale, VA
This place is banging!
The owner is extremely gregarious, the portions are plentiful, and best of all, the food is delicious!
I usually get the veggie platter which is the Naan (bread), rice, and 2 sides of veggies. It's a carbaholics wet dream. The lentils are incredible here, the naan is perfectly toasted and chewy without being overly greased up, the basmati rice is perfectly cooked, and the green sauce is a wonderful topping to any of the sides. Great to dip the naan in as well.
The decor in this place is cool, too. There are Afghani pics plastered all over the walls of which I find something new to look at anytime I go there. The lamb and chicken kabobs are the shit. At least, that's what everyone tells me since I don't eat it being a veggie. Albeit, I must admit, I have tried the lamb (sorry, I'm Greek), and it was pretty dang tasty.
Also, for all you Tysons Corner employees... they have a location in this area as well. It's right by Marshalls and Sports Authority.

Viet D. - Alexandria, VA
I love the food corner! Every time I need a kabob fix, this is my go to place! The portions are so big that I can usually get the lamb kabob platter and it will last me for lunch and dinner. The lamb is tender and all of the sides are good, but I usually get spinach or chickpeas. Don't forget to get extra chutney...that green sauce is the boss!

Shawn H. - Germantown, MD
This is some of the best Afghani food I've eaten. The people working there are super friendly. You get a LOT to eat. The bread is nothing less than excellent. Large or small parties are served very well here. I only wish the place was closer to where I live!

M.R. - Alexandria, VA
I have never felt as welcome at a restaurant as I am every time I visit this location. It seems the same guy is always working the counter and I'd guess him to be the manager. He's always joking and happy to explain the menu and food items. And the food is great. I usually have a kabob platter and my dad, who I go with frequently, typically has the vegetable platter. Neither of us have ever had a complaint. Awesome Afghani gem surrounded by Korean restaurants.  The sides are awesome.  I love the spinach, pumpkin, chickpeas, and eggplant.  Everything was exploding with flavor.  Their chicken kabobs were tender and juicy.  The rice is really good because it's cooked with broth.  They even have some stews such as one with lamb and another with chicken.  Best part was that a platter was $10.  I suggest going with someone and getting different sides to experience them all.  Super plus:  the guys working there are super nice.

Anson P. - Annandale, VA
This place is different from most other kabob places in that it's not simply meat, rice, bread, and raw lettuce.  This place gives you a decent selection of meat.  You can top your rice with one of a variety of vegetables.  The salad (no it is not just chopped lettuce) is topped with tasty vinaigrette.  I tried the combo platter with lamb and chicken and I was pleased.  The green sauce has a nice kick to it and the guy working the register hooks you up.  The people here know customer service.  The prices here aren't bad especially compared to some of the other kabob places.
While you wait, take a look at the money collection they have hanging on the wall.  They have currency from a lot of different countries. More power to Annandale, striving to become the food capital of the world.

Claire T. - Falls Church, VA
Food Corner is awesome!
I've never had a bad meal here and I have tried all the different meat kabobs and all the vegetable dishes. The standout meat kabobs are definitely the chicken (which comes out orange) and the shami (it's like spicy hamburger kabob), while the standout veggies are the okra, eggplant, and chickpeas. Get the combo kabob platter and try two different types of meat plus you get veggies on your rice (I always get chickpeas on my rice). You can also get your rice "Afghan Style" with a mixture of chickpeas and meat sauce on your rice.
The naan bread is delicious and huge, the rice is well seasoned and always the right texture. If you don't feel like eating two meals at once, you can always opt for the kabob sandwiches which are terrific but overall not as balanced or satisfying a meal as the platters which come with an awesome side salad that has a tasty dressing. Also, the green sauce is spicy, and boss.
Great local place, always worth the wait, plus it has the option of calling ahead to place your order for carryout.

Kelly K. - Fredericksburg, VA
We always stop at this little place when we are out in the area running errands. It's in a little strip mall, and lots of Afghani people are always here eating, so it must be good. You order at the counter, and our food never takes much time because we always split the vegetarian combo ($7.95). This is a combination platter of three different featured vegetable side orders, served with Afghan Nan. You can choose from:
- Fried spinach - Sauteed pumpkin - cauliflower - fried eggplant - Chick peas - rice - potatoes - lentils They give you a little ramekin of this creamy green sauce (is a little spicy to me), and we dip our HUGE piece of bread in it. The bread is bigger than the plate. Seriously. Very cozy casual place. Great food.

Mickey T. - Annandale, VA
The place I lovingly call kabob corner, the food here is far and away the best kabob anywhere in the northern Virginia area.  Situated on the small end of a shopping center with mostly Korean offerings, it's just a little out-of-place, but of course it's a welcome restaurant.
The food is great here.  It’s grilled and cooked fresh when you order it, so there is a longer wait for your food than if you were to go to another sit-down restaurant, but the wait is well worth it.
Besides the choice of chicken, beef, lamb, or combination kabobs, you can pick from lots of sides.
There’s free coffee, tea, and water next to the register, which most people don't know about--take advantage and don't forget to get extra green sauce.

Maggie M. - Fairfax, VA
This is one of my favorite kabob spots. I have introduced many kabob fans to this place. First and foremost the owners/staff is awesome. They truly make you feel like family when you walk in. I have had their chicken kabob and their beef kabob and it’s the best! This is def worth your money as well. They serve you mounds of food. You get a heaping of rice then salad, and a side order of your choice. I always get the chick peas. There super tasty and have a little spice to them. It’s the best part. The chicken is always juicy never dry like some other kabob spots I’ve been too. Also they give a full piece of  "nan" which is the afghan bread. The bread is made fresh once you place your order. Also they have hookah at night although I haven’t been for the hookah/shisha.
By far this is my fav kabob spot, no other place can compare. Not Moby's Not leba taverna, not anywhere!  The chicken kabob platter will run you less then $10 and the beef kabob platter is about $12.

Heather M. - Washington DC
This place is fantastic! I highly recommend it to everyone one. My daughter who is two years old loves the cholee. This is much better than Moby Dick any day.

Elise M. - McLean, VA
I love Afghan food and I would say this is one of the best "fast food" places in the region. The staff was friendly and the veggie platter, rice, and bread are to die for!

Eric B. - Annandale, VA
Never disappointed! Food Corner Kabob, often referred to as Najeeb's, is by far the best Afghan joint I've had the pleasure of diving into.
I just got my Pops and friend to go there with me, a first time for them. Immediately, we were greeted by the owner, Najeeb, the Afghan Elvis, as I like to call him. He is one of the nicest and most gregarious guys I've ever met. We had two lamb kabobs, and a lamb and chicken combo kabob, two of which topped off on his phenomenal rice with chick peas, and one topped with the lamb curry. I showed them what's up with the spicy cilantro yogurt sauce and sumac (that purplish fruit spice), and they went to town. Comments were made on the awesomeness of their flat bread, with the juices from the grilled meat soaked into it, absolutely as divine as bread can get. My Pops made one comment to Najeeb that he'd been to Moby Dick's for the last time. Moby's is good, but Najeeb's is almost in a class of his own.
The decor is awesome, fancied by lots of pictures and postcards from Afghanistan, and musician photos of Najeeb. Oh, did I mention he's a well known Afghan musician? Yeah, he's always got some dope-ass Afghan tunes playing. One day, about a year ago, I went in their and liked what I was hearing, so I asked one of his sons, Omar, what I was hearing, he replied, "That's my Dad yo", and fetched me a CD to take home. These guys are awesome and have set up a place that is one of my absolute favorites to visit. They have three locations, one in Springfield, Tysons, and Annandale.  If you've the means and a hankering for some of the tastiest kabobs in the area, I highly recommend making the trip.

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