Food Corner Mobile is literally a restaurant on wheels. It has a full equipped kitchen and is ready to serve any large event. With a capacity to serve over 1000 dishes, we can serve a variety of large events including concerts, weddings, large meetings, etc. Enjoy the benefits of having a restaurant on-the-go at your next large event!

  • Food is cooked fresh within minutes of ordering.
  • Order the food at your location, no need to drive.
  • Menu items are prepped fresh and have not been sitting in a fridge waiting to be cooked.
  • Receive the same value as our restaurant locations off-site.
  • Unlike catering, fresh is fresh off of the grill as if you were at one of our restaurants.
  • Fully licensed restaurant and follow the same strict guidelines laws as our restaurant locations.
  • Our food is branded by our restaurants, that means great food and great customer service!

Before contacting us about our Mobile service please be able to answer the following questions. This will make arrangements more efficient so we may be prepared to serve you as best as we can.

  • How many guests and orders do you expect?
  • Are there specific dishes you will require? Ex. More Lamb kabobs as opposed to Gyro sandwiches.
  • Will we be able to park in an open parking lot or will we need to park on a field?
  • Will there be any other catering at this event?
  • Are there any special items from our restaurant menu that is not on our mobile menu that you would like?
  • What date and time would you need us? How long will the event be?
  • Are there specific drinks you would like us to serve? (Excluding Alcohol)


Food Corner Mobile serves several popular items from our restaurant menu. All of these items are on the go treats and much better than fast food service. All dishes are cooked as you order and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare!

Choose from the following selections of traditional Afghan cuisines or fresh kabob sandwiches and salads.

*All entrees are served with rice and chutni sauce.

*All salads are served with dressing.

*All sandwiches are served with potato chips except for the Gyro Sandwich.

Quabili Palau

Palau Kabob
Gyro Platter
Mediterranean Platter
Lamb Kabob Sandwich
Famous Gyro Sandwich
Chicken Kabob Sandwich
Shami Kabob Sandwich
Beef Kabob Sandwich


If you are interested then please e-mail us at or give us a call at any of our locations. The more advanced notice we receive will be better but we can try to accomodate your schedule!

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